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Mystery Adventure


Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux)



"Please, come and tell me it's good enough!"
These are the words written in the peculiar letter calling you, a solitary appraiser, to an abandoned estate far outside the nearest town.

When you make your way there, you suddenly awaken within the mansion, locked in a dusty bedroom. In some ways the place seems ordinary and yet you sense a distinct fragrance of something magical all around you. Exploring the house, reading its books and appraising knickknacks will let you grow closer with the characters you will meet or hear of. Then, as you take a trip down memory lane and unbox stowed-away memories, you'll slowly encroach on the answer to the original question.

Just what are you really supposed to be appraising here?

Fey: Distant Daydream is a mystery game centred around exploring a hand-crafted retro 3D environment. Solve puzzles through careful observation and use of objects in the environment as well as Effects, magical items that you carry throughout the game with a plethora of different effects.

Some puzzles will require you to combine information from the environment in escape-room inspired sequences. Others will have you read cookbooks to bring back a taste only faintly remembered, some will have you search through books for clues and yet others will require you to carefully consider the objects at your disposal.


  • 3-5 hours of gameplay made with pure love
  • Hand-crafted late 90s style retro 3D graphics
  • A slowly unfolding tale of the past and a world wherein memories can be more than mere remembrances
  • Around 10 different Effects to use across the game
  • Elaborate puzzles to solve over the course of the game, all unique from another
  • A sense of humor


Download on Steam (Windows, macOS, Linux)


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About secret industries

secret industries is a small game development studio based in Germany with a focus on crafting exceptional adventures inspired by classics of the past.

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